100% Recycled Plastic Furniture

Pacific Ocean 100% Recycled Plastic Furniture.

Outstanding Commercial Furniture constructed from 100% recycled plastic. Offering the same warmth and grain as wood ,yet is maintenance free.

Being Crafted from recycled plastic means the furniture is completely water resistant and can be left outdoors all year round without adversely affecting the appearance or quality of the furniture.

• All products are manufactured from up to 100% recycled plastic.

• There are over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the oceans.

• The team use over 20 million pieces of recycled plastic each year to produce our exclusive range of outdoor furniture products. Diverting millions of water bottle caps, milk cartons and other post consumer plastics from our oceans and landfills.

• Each one of our Adirondack Chairs uses 579 recycled milk jugs.

• The new 300,000 sq ft manufacturing facility has been designed to substantially reduce our carbon footprint.


Our Material 7/8” thick material with solid colour and wood grain finish, is heavy, durable and impervious to water. Guaranteed to never rot, crack or splinter.

Smooth Moulded Slats All of our furniture is made from extruded materials with minimal cut points. The results are rounded slats that give you a comfortable seat with no awkward pinch points.

Adirondack Chair Arm Width 17cm wide arms leave your arms and shoulders well supported, They are secured parallel to the ground adding incredible ergonomics.

Rounded Front Creating a rounded front from additional panels, our seat contours to the back of the knees perfectly. 

  • ·Ethical 100% Recycled
  • ·Maintenance Free
  • ·Unique Comfortable Designs
  • ·Highly Resistant To Cigarette Burns
  • ·Highly Resistant To UV
  • ·Marine Grade Stainless Steel Fixings
  • ·Does Not Support Fungal Growth
  • ·Exceptionally Strong And Durable
  • ·Will Not Split Or Crack
  • ·Manufacturers Guarantee 5 Years Whether Indoors Or Outdoors
  • ·Available in 16 Vibrant Colours
  • ·Product Can Be 2 Tone
  • ·No Need To Cover Or Put Away In Winter
  • For further information on the Pacific Ocean Furniture please call us ,

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